The Rippa Crew have vast experience in all facets scaffolding.

After two and a half years of giving the city a good crack we are ready to represent ourselves into the Industrial sector.

Although we are a new company, Our humble beginnings stem from mining/shutdown environments. Where in fact, we have over 30 years of experience between us.

People may have already noticed our “exaggerated” safety standards in the residential/commercial sector, but this is our normal standard based off the fact that we are industrial people through and through.

We absolutely know how important deadlines are in shutdown type circumstances so we are never short on staff and experience.

What makes our crew so efficient and timely is the culture that we have built over a long period of time. To us, culture is a huge priority. With the amount of suicides that occur every year it’s important to reduce these numbers and culture plays an integral part in lessening the stress on individuals by creating a family atmosphere (brotherhood/ sisterhood/ whanau) that openly allows the individual to feel heard and respected among their peers and lifted up with encouragement. This defines who we are.

There are two things we will never compromise: 

CULTURE firstly and secondly our Safety Standards

Our staff have supervised shutdowns/maintenance projects around NZ and Australia including the below sites:

Kiwi Projects

* Shell oil and gas/offshore (Taranaki)

* Motunui Methanol Plant (Waitara Valley)

* Origin oil and gas – Construction of Kupe

Aussie Projects

* Barrow Island (Cryo 1 & 3)


* Karratha Gas Plant

* Plus much, much more…

There’s never in existence, been a job we couldn’t do. I really don’t think that the opposite will ever be the case.

We are… That Good.

Further to our massive influence “on the tools” is our proficient safety experience, We have a dedicated safety department with qualified assessors for VOC’s meaning we can get our guys ‘n’ gals ready to fly or drive out with no fuss. Our Daily/Monthly toolbox talks are also filled to the bream with new changes to legislation and revision to keep our lads and lasses on their toes, producing the most compliant Scaffolders/Riggers you’ll ever see.

Why wouldn’t you give us a fair go?